Saturday, April 2, 2016

Underwater Beauty browse Bira Island

Which is one of the main tourism icon of Jakarta, Thousand Islands actually been known as one of the most sought after holiday destinations by people that the capital and surrounding areas, especially to the time when weekend.

Thousand Islands rated as one of the areas that pass lightly accessible both from the point mileage or budget. Alongside, the Thousand Islands actually have underwater panorama that spoil the eye.

Not Slightly rating who wear them to mengahdiri when holiday islands in the Thousand Islands cluster.

Enjoy the beauty of the Thousand Islands that definitely crossed our minds prime time just Tidung, Pramuka Island or Pulau Pari.

Eits .. Wait first, it could be you should try visited other islands in the Thousand Islands. Yes, one of them is the Bira Island.

Bira Island is one of the islands which is located in the Thousand Islands cluster. Bira island indeed was not segede Tidung and Scout Island, but the underwater beauty truly exotic.
Landainya white sand beaches and obsessive definitely ready to hypnotize every traveler who stopped to this island.

We try to make share our experiences with time travel to the island Bira, the Thousand Islands. Bira Island itself will we take when ± 4 hours drive from the Port of Muara Angke.

Incidentally make our trip this time joined by travelholic. One commune of traveling fans who regularly hold a sightseeing trip. Invited to follow the very time when this trip, once it was our very excited sense to join the Travel Holic.

Connecting the disconnected narrative that earlier, Bira Island really have that much longer distance than when we visited the island Tidung or Scouts.

This trip begins along the whole gathering of participants at the port of Muara Angke and filling station near the pier designated meeting point as well as our room.

That morning, it was the state of the pier Muara Angke mouth a little stagnant because of the tide, though not dampen the steps we made to follow the trip this time.

Pas 7:30 we boarded the ship dolphin as well as our transport facilities to the island Bira. Almost ± 3 tottering over the sea. The state of the ship to the time it did was rather full of travelers who were heading to the islands in the Thousand Islands cluster.

Island Transit Ideals
At 11.00 we arrived on the island of ideals which is the last transit room besandarnya dolphin ship, due to the island for Bira we must take advantage of the traditional fishing boat. Become, unable to imagine the thrill of this trip due to the final destination only to Island boat dolphin Ideals.

Tiring journey as ± 4 hours, have paid off when our traditional boat docked at the pier Bira Island. Thick trees, sea breeze and rustling of sand Bira Island so soothing our eyes.

Bira Island Pier
Taking place at the top of our Bira Island dock underwater scenery offered Enchantress together terumbuk coral and fish which are able to create us linger on this island.
The island has created memorable because Bira Island atmosphere is very very beautiful and calm have not been as busy as Tidung.

The island actually looks very private, very limited tool imaginable, just the many cottage only imaginable in Bira Island. Electricity and only when lit up at midnight HRI & mouth meninggali Bira Island house families of guards Island.

After the division of the cottages and the break, and we wasted no time and immediately tasting For underwater scenery around the island Bira. Yeah .. Number One EXCITED! We also moved to the surrounding islands by means of traditional boats.

HRI first snorkeling spot we visited five at a time, a Long Island, Island Shoal, Forest King Island bald, tongkeng Island and Island in the Sun. The fifth spot snorkeling created us amazed with the underwater beauty. Flows that calm and clear waters that created us For linger along a fixed terumbuk natural coral and marine life that are in it.

Bira Island
Nothing feels HRI also increasingly afternoon, the sun is also about to bury the light. We also rushed for heading to the nearby island of Long Island For watching a sunset. There we spent the time for watching the sunset and immortalize every moment with colleagues from travelholic. So fabulous!

Sunset on Long Island Dgn travelholic
Satisfied bersnorkling a day of fun and watch the sunset, we decided to go back to the cottage each and rest and rest. Our holidays and feels have dipenghujung eyes. The next day, we did not waste for watching the sunrise and continued bersnorkling Area Bira Island dock.

Again I made a squeaky together underwater fauna diversity Bira Island. & Dikala also the disjunctive this holiday and harmonious 11:30 pm we were rushed to leave the island Bira created back to occupancy respectively.

Holidays Wow .. this time it was so impressive. In fact in the middle of the bustle of the city of Jakarta and buildings that line the mall remained in the capital area which is still beautiful and natural as Bira Island. Bira Island in the Thousand Islands vacation rooms can be best recommendations for the family and friends you are.